In the Global Information Network we are learning a system of success that is both guaranteed (if you work it) and works (the track record is tremendous). What may not be evident to someone outside of this closed network of folks is just how prevalent this system is in the society that we live.

I attended a professional conference recently that was completely unrelated to motivational speakers or marketing of a specific product. In fact it was a gathering that revolved around science and many companies that work in this area ran booths. In the particular vertical that we practice, the sponsor had arranged for several scientists who had reached the “pinnacle” of success in our field to be speakers for the attendees during lunches and at special times during the convention. The idea is to bring someone who is very successful at what we all do up on stage so they can relay the “how I got here” speech and hopefully inspire one of the attendees to be successful as a result.

I have been involved in the System of Success for about a year and a half so I have learned a few things specific to the system and part of the practice revolves around keeping the material at the forefront of your thoughts each day. By constantly thinking about it we become “unconsciously competent” at what we practice and in conjunction with the rest of the system success occurs naturally on autopilot. So, I am constantly thinking about the material in The System of Success.

Two speakers at this trade show gave their story in an almost word for word recount of what we learn in The System. I was blown away!

The first speaker said to “keep it in the present” and not let “worry about the future” get into your head. He made it a point to mention that it is a knowing-ness that things are going to work out and that we need to think correctly to make it happen. This revolves around the training-balance scale that we learn in the system basics where thinking correctly is 90-99% of what is working for the successful people.

The second speaker brought in some of the deeper knowledge with his exact description of his goal. He knew precisely how much he needed to reach his goal (or exactly what the object of his desire would cost). This is sometimes referred to as “intimate knowledge” of a desired outcome.

There was a mastermind developed in the room that day. We were all affected by the high vibration that the speakers emitted while they were on stage. This participation in a mastermind group is a critical component to The System of Success which we are all learning. The speakers that were on stage were there because they do what we (the crowd) do – and were very successful at it. When we learn in the program – “Who do you listen to?” – this is a foundation concept. One of the four basics. This is what it is all about. We listen to people who have what we want – and…well, and there is just a little more to it that you will learn in the system as you progress. Those who want some insight into how things work may want to start researching exactly how many of the worlds richest people got their start from nothing. Rags to Riches is another theme I see prevalent that definitely relates to the “who do you listen to” concept when you are beginning with nothing.

1. Who do you listen to?
2. What is your teach-ability Index?
3. Training Balance Scale
4. The Four Steps

I will see you at the top – Editor

The authors of Success Reaching all boughThe Success Reaching Book copyright 2009-2010 Gin Life Mastermindt the CD set “Your Wish Is Your Command” in and around the February 2009 time frame. What happened next in their lives was nothing short of miraculous. In fact, what you will find in this true account of some members activities is some of the exact ways they stumbled through their initial manifestations using Law of Attraction. One thing that will grab the readers attention right away is how these members of the Gin Life Mastermind meet at the kick off Global Information Network (GIN) event and begin a story in some emails that unravels into the exact steps they each took in their lives to make things happen. What the reader can expect is not a polished work of art novel. There is no fluff. There is even some incorrect ways of doing things in this book. Why? The trick to becoming successful is not to copy the guy who does everything right in his current successful state of mind (meaning the billionaire or multi-millionaire). The trick to becoming successful and masterminding correctly is to develop a relationship with that successful person as he was going there. While he was learning the art of being a billionaire. While his frequency was in the entrepreneurial stage. Associating with the rising star is much more powerful for the average person’s belief level then going out for a round of golf with a Donald Trump or having lunch with a Warren Buffett. The average rising star can’t relate to those very successful men.  In Success Reaching, the writers walk you through their day including writing down their goals, what their goals were, how they achieved the goals, what actions they took during this time, and generally how they practiced what they learned from the CD set. One member actually records his goals onto a cellphone and plays them back while driving around. The book includes this audio to assist the reader in associating with the mind set. This is pretty much a must have for any Law of Attraction library. – Editor

Success Reaching Cover

Success Reaching Cover

Our Gin Life Mastermind Begins

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The GIN LIFE Mastermind has already begun, but this is the official web presence. I’d like to personally thank you for becoming a part of this extremely talented group. Napoleon Hill had a great reverence for the mastermind as was evidenced in his illustrations of the concept. It is clear that he was on to something big when you look at how well corporate America has taken to the “team work” concept. This is more then simple team work though and you know it. You are a part of it and it is an obsession that you will be consumed with every day. This is why you belong to this group and why we are pleased to be a part of your life. I’d personally like to welcome you to this mastermind and I cannot wait to see you at the next event!